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About Us

Our company produces vegetable fats and oils in Szekszárd, Hungary.
Our profile is primarily is production of palm and coconut oil and their fractions.

Our products are made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that comply with all food industry and EU regulations.

The young and agile team of our’s is happy to face new challenges in order to serve you to the maximum satisfaction of our existing and future partners.

Our plant has IFS és RSPO certification, which guarantees production in compliance with the highest food safety standards, including excellent Palmfood and Cocofood quality. Our products have detailed specifications. They are GMO- and allergen-free. We primarily deal with the production of palm oil, coconut oil and frying oil, which are available in different packages.

The basic principle of our operation is the
flawlessness of our products

We strictly monitor every detail, from the procurement of raw materials to the entire production process

Varga Gyula - CEO

Palm oil

Fat made from 100% refined palm oil. Due to its favorable nature, recommended areas of use are gastronomy, confectionery and baking.

Coconut oil

Fat made from 100% refined, non-hydrogenated coconut oil. Excellent for any kind of baking or cooking. It can be heated and can be reused many times!

Frying oil

100% refined palm oil. Excellent for industrial baking. With proper use, the oil will not have any aftertaste or smell even after cooking several times.

Tanked solutions

100% refined coconut oil and palm oil fractions. Our liquid products in industrial quantities are provided in exposed tanks for the easier and faster supply.

Quality and safety

Our name is well known in the plant-based food industry

The production plant of Palm-Food Kft. has an RSPO certificate, which gives us the opportunity to produce with SG MB certification. Our plant also has the IFS FOOD quality system at the insurance level.


Informations about vegetable fats and oils and their effects

Palm and coconut products for human health and sustainability

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